Intimidator Size 19 Laser Holster

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Gun holster for with a tactical light and / or laser on the rail, by Pro-Tech Outdoors, are useful for carry pistols with rail mounted equipment. This specially designed gun holster isn’t tapered like most gun holsters – and will accommodate many different configurations of pistols / lights and lasers. It also features an adjustable thumb break and easily clips onto a belt or your pants (belts up to 1 3/4 inch wide). The holster also has a built-in belt loop so you can use it without the metal clip-on device if desired. It’s made of durable black nylon w/black nylon stitching and it’s adjustable so the holster can be worn on the left or right side – for left or right-hand draw. A built-in pocket on the holster is designed to hold an extra magazine.

Gun Holster Features:

– Pocket to hold an extra magazine.
– Adjustable for right or left-hand draw.
– Gun holster can clip onto your belt or you can use the belt loop built into the holster.
– Made of durable nylon with padding.
– Pro-Tech Outdoors brand.
– Features an adjustable thumb break for secure retention and custom fit.


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