Gripper Holster Size 1




Safe, Secure, Convenient – Carry Confidently

Are you looking for a concealed carry holster that is functional, affordable, and comfortable? Look no further than the Gripper Holster! Our gripper holster is made from state-of-the-art tacky material that allows the user to simply use the fiction from a waistband or pocket to grip the holster to draw quickly and efficiently.

Product features:

  • Super-grip material for superior staying power
  • Available for with or without laser
  • No clips, loops, or snaps to break

The Gripper Holster is well padded with a thin material to keep your weapon and body protected while carrying without compromising the ability to remain concealed. Because the Gripper Holster doesn’t have clips, loops, or snaps, there is nothing to break and can be used for either right or left-hand draw.  

Product specs:

  • Ambidextrous use — right or left handed
  • Full trigger cover and full grip exposure
  • Closed-end on the barrel side
  • Pocket Holster .380 .22, .25 with 2″ to 2.75″ barrel  — not sure? Double check our “Search By Make ”

Please note that the holster does not offer additional weapon safety, ensure safety is enacted while carrying. Additionally, check your state laws regarding open and concealed carry laws in your area. Pro-Tech Outdoors does not assume legal liability for purchaser’s ability to carry a firearm.

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