Front Pocket Holster Large



Comfortable, Concealed Pocket Protection

Sometimes, concealed carriers are everything but concealed. We’ve designed this holster to hide the frame of the gun in your front pocket, without sacrificing your comfort or security.

Product features:

  • Padding to protect gun and leg
  • Non-slip band
  • Quick draw

The padding around the gun keeps your leg comfortable, while the non-slip band keeps the holster planted firmly in your pocket, allowing for a quick draw in case of emergency.

Product specs:

  • Ambidextrous
  • Fits most large guns

Please note that the holster does not offer additional weapon safety, ensure safety is enacted while carrying. Additionally, check your state laws regarding open and concealed carry laws in your area. Pro-Tech Outdoors does not assume legal liability for purchaser’s ability to carry a firearm.


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