Concealed Inside Waistband Cell Phone Gun Holster



*brring* *brrring* Danger Is Calling, You Better Answer

When Danger’s gambit comes a calling, we want you to be sure that you’re absolutely ready. In today’s modern society it would be unreasonable to leave the house without both your gun and your cell phone. We’ve created the perfect holster for you!

Product features:

  • Concealed carry
  • Fits almost any cell phone
  • The case drapes over your waistband with the gun concealed inside your pant leg. The outside of the holster is counterweighted by your cell phone and belt for increased comfort.

Product specs:

  • Gun holster comes in one size fits all
  • IWB holster

Please note that the holster does not offer additional weapon safety, ensure safety is enacted while carrying. Additionally, check your state laws regarding open and concealed carry laws in your area. Pro-Tech Outdoors does not assume legal liability for purchaser’s ability to carry a firearm.


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