Ankle Holster Size 1LZ




Are You The Fourth Charlie’s Angel?

There is only answer to that question: yes, absolutely! Transform into an elite special agent unrestrained by costuming or pocket sizes with this sleek and secure ankle holster.

Product features:

  • Water resistant cordura ballistic nylon
  • Foam padding, nylon lining, and inner vinyl vapor barrier
  • Protective webbing to keep velcro clean of detritus

This holster is both comfortable and flexible with a thick elastic wrap around the leg. The gun sits snug and secure against your calf with a durable, fully enclosed holster to provide peace of mind and easy access during an emergency.

Product specs:

  • Elastic strap with velcro closure
  • Adjustable nylon velcro strap to secure gun
  • Stitched with strong bonded nylon and double stitched at pressure points
  • Edges are turned under to prevent fraying

Please note that the holster does not offer additional weapon safety, ensure safety is enacted while carrying. Additionally, check your state laws regarding open and concealed carry laws in your area. Pro-Tech Outdoors does not assume legal liability for purchaser’s ability to carry a firearm.

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